IISSER is actively engaged in the development of a number of international student research events, curriculum projects, books and whitepapers.  Here are a few of our most notable current initiatives:

Lifelong Success Through The Science Fair

IISEER has developed a new comprehensive program which includes a book series, teacher support materials and courses taught by a select group of global experts in inquiry-based STEM education.  This includes a student workshop series, which has already been conducted as a Beta Program at schools throughout Beijing and the US, throughout 2017 and early 2018.  The program also includes professional development, to encourage more teachers throughout the world to engage more project based learning in their classrooms, using the latest pedagogical methods and advanced content.  Supplemental materials will be provided online for free, to support student IBL/PBL education throughout the world.

IISEER Summer/Winter Intensive STEM Institute for G6-12 Students

Held at Bentley University, and with teaching partners at Harvard, MIT and Dartmouth, in conjunction with the US-China Scitech Education Partnership Association, this program is initially held as an intensive 4 weeks of STEM training in 4 different specific content areas: Advanced Medical Technology, Brain, AI & Evolution of Parallel Processing, Modern Material Science & Aerospace Technologies, Climate Change and Renewable Energy.  Content is taught in a cross-cultural camp setting, held at Bentley University in MA, providing hands-on lab experiences and field trips to area institutions such as the Harvard Medical School, MIT Edgerton Center and more.  The program was tested successfully in Spring of 2018, also supported by tours/programs at the Harvard-MIT Broad Institute, and the Boston University Neurobiology Center.  In addition to STEM learning, students are encouraged to engage in language and cultural learning experiences at the end of each day.  Additional content areas in the Fall include Codes, Coding & Cryptography and The Basics Of Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks.  It is our hope that this program serves as a feeder/support program to our international STEM collaboration competition.