Welcome to the future home of Project B.R.A.I.N.C.H.I.L.D.:

Be Ready for AI Now!

Creative Hands-on Informal Learning & Development.


We are developing AI curriculum for K-16 and beyond, that will be freely available for all to use, regardless of your background knowledge of computers or programming.


We believe that a future in which AI is a dominant technology, requires significant preparation and  training of the current generation.  It is also our hope that more scientists and engineers will benefit from the mathematical and computational efficiencies created by AI / machine learning, and that they will attempt to incorporate AI into their disciplines.


We intend to focus our efforts on elementary through high school students, and help them better understand AI through fun activities and games, as well as programming and math exercises that will educate them about the basics of AI, inside or outside of a formal classroom.  Teachers and after school providers can choose to use our curricula freely on their own within their organizations, and/or partner with us, to take part in our professional development programs or research projects.   Our curriculum has been tested at multiple sites around the world, with extremely positive results, and we have published/spoken about our work at AAAI, AAAS, MIT, NSTA and more!  A resources and references page will be coming soon!


We’ve incorporated some of the very best and latest content out there into our lessons, with a mixture of technologies developed in-house as well as some web-based tools from outside organizations such as Google, Nvidia and MIT.   All of our material is aligned with the AI4K12 standards and 5 Big Ideas in AI.  Our plan is to release a high school level beta within 6 months.  In the meantime, please fill out our contact page if you’d like to help us develop this material and/or if you’d like to be an early tester.

Thanks for dropping by, and we hope to see you again soon!

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